Blackberry Rain

Blackberry Rain is a series of hilarious stories embedded throughout with what made this a great nation. It is about the true character of a generation of people who were determined to take care of those children left without hope. It is about the adventures of four brothers, children of circumstance, growing up in a children’s home of 450 other children, in the deep South in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. It speaks  to the challenges of that era, and to the quiet determination of the true American spirit. It speaks to hard work, hard play, and a wonderful education, and great adventures.

Before you think this is a self pity book let me assure you that that is a far cry from the true message. This is a book about the spirit of independence, the generosity of the people of this great nation, who through selfless acts gave their pennies and nickels sorely needed for themselves, to the children at this children’s home and many like it, so these children might be cared for and some day pass along that kindness.

We are of one mind, one spirit, and one goal….to do our very best to help each other and serve others, to raise our own children to be the best they can be and to do so through a commitment greater than the challenge.

Laugh, learn, and know that the heartbeat of greatness still lies deep in this country.  It lies in the seeds that were planted long ago, with children who seemed forever to be in mischief, but who now represent, through their children, the greatness yet to come.

Blackberry Rain is about planting the seeds of hope and about how we can solve our greatest dilemma…to rebuild the damaged family unit, to inspire through good example, and to regain the enormous value of the message of strength in earned reward.

Read it, laugh out loud, and tell your friends and family….there is hope for this generation….because the seeds were planted long ago in a time of magic and wonder. 

Gilmer and Graham Murdock